Sitges Barcelona Wedding Services

Experienced Professional DJ

Sitges Barcelona Weddings BodasDynamic & professional DJ hire that listens to you preferences & surpasses your expectations with the personal touch. Making your special event as romantic & lively as you wish. Making your party a success. Fabulous music, from the latest to older styles supported with spectacular lighting & special effect lighting, as expected from a high class entertainment company. We set up before the event. Large music choice.

  • First Option 2 hours ‘Mobile’ DJ session 800W (2 Speakers) + spectacular lighting (3 Leds Focus + 1 Flash + 1 Laser) 600€ + iva: Suited to a Bar/Restaurant (100 € every additional hour)
  • Second Option 2 hours ‘Mobile’ DJ session 1600W (4 Speakers) + spectacular lighting (3 Leds Focus + 2 Flash + 1 Laser) 800€ + iva: Suited to a Villa or Hotel Garden (100 € every additional hour)more….

High Priced, Internationally renowned DJ’s & Live Acts on

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